About me

Amber Bourke is the deepest female freediver in Australia. At the 2023 Vertical Blue freediving competition, Amber dived to a depth of 81m on one breath, setting a new all time Australian freediving record.

Amber can hold her breath for 6 minutes and swim 4 laps of an Olympic swimming pool underwater (200m). Amber specialises in a discipline called CNF (constant weight – no fins) and was a silver medallist at the 2022 World Championships with a dive to 65m without fins.

Amber is a former synchronised swimmer who competed on the Australian team until she was 19. Since discovering the sport of freediving she has set 16 new Australian freediving records and 1 World Record.

As well as being a successful competitive freediver, Amber is also passionate about ocean conservation and freediving safety, and is an SSI freediving instructor trainer. 

When Amber is not holding her breath underwater, she works as an electrician in Brisbane, Australia.

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